Chairman Industries - Manufacturer and Supplier of Wheelchairs and Mobility Equipment in South Africa
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Chairman Industries - Manufacturer and Supplier of Wheelchairs and Mobility Equipment in South Africa
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The future of custom built mobility aids
Welcome to Chairman Industries
Chairman Industries cc was formed in 1983. Since then we have specialised in the manufacture and supply of mobility equipment and other products for people with disabilities and the elderly. We aim to stay in touch with international trends and current research on disability needs.

Our products include:

Custom-built lightweight everyday wheelchairs for adults and children
Manual wheelchairs in different sizes
Power wheelchairs
Sport wheelchairs for basketball, tennis and dancing
A wide range of pressure care cushions
Vehicle adaptations, access ramps and UNWIN safety equipment
High back transfer and sky chairs for aircraft and train access
Standing frames for adults and children
Grab rails
Other equipment that includes transfer boards, bath boards, shower chairs and swivel

Our intentions are to provide a professional and dedicated service and take pride in our ability to pass on our expertise and give advice on the most suitable equipment for each individual.

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Chairman Industries' customers
Rehabilitation units
Medical orthotists and prosthetists
Sport organisations
Road Accident Fund
Workman’s Compensation
Public services (including transport &
Social organisations
Private individuals
Retail and wholesale plumbing

The new carbon fibre PANTHERA X - the lightest wheelchair in the world. Visit and test this unbelievable wheelchair, now part of the Chairman range.

At 2.3 kg without wheels (4.6 kg with wheels) the ideal wheelchair for an active, skilled user.

Titanium Panthera U2 light will soon be here!

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