Chairman Industries - Manufacturer and Supplier of Wheelchairs and Mobility Equipment in South Africa
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Chairman Industries - Manufacturer and Supplier of Wheelchairs and Mobility Equipment in South Africa
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  Chairman Industries Vehicle adaptations  
  Vehicle adaptations
Chairman hand controls
Chairman hand controls
Who can use the Chairman hand controls?
Quadriplegics, paraplegics and persons with other disabilities: automatic vehicles.
Lower limb amputees: automatic and manual vehicle.
Allows able bodied drivers to use vehicle normally.

• Locally manufactured by Chairman Industries
• Radial mechanical system
• Installation by qualified technician
• Attached to bottom of steering column
• Lower end of linkages is connected directly to the brake pedal and accelerator arm
• Single lever operates both accelerator and brake
• Accelerator action - lever is pulled down clockwise towards driver’s thigh
• Braking action – lever is pushed towards the dash board
• Lever fitted with durable rubber handle grip
• Low maintenance
• Five year guarantee
• Can be installed in all types of vehicles
• Installment normally takes one working day
• Can be transferred (by Chairman’s technician) to a new vehicle
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Lever knobs    
Lever knobs
The Chairman hand control levers are fitted with a knob to match your vehicle’s interior finish or match the gear lever knob.
The range of lever knobs to choose from are as follows:

• Leather knobs in black, grey, tan and burgundy
• Leather with wood
• Wooden knobs
• Black with chrome insert
• Black inter-woven pattern
Park brake conversions    
Park break conversions
Vehicle conversions
Accelerator conversions    
Accelerator conversion
Who can use an accelerator, clutch or indicator conversion?
Amputee or persons with minimal use of either the left or right side of body.

• Transfer of accelerator to the left hand side of the brake on automatic vehicles only
• Safety plate fitted over existing accelerator
• Easily removable to convert vehicle back to normal
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Manual clutch conversions    
Manual clutch conversion
• Fitted to manual vehicle for left leg amputees
• Allows for clutch to be engaged with one’s hand driving a manual vehicle
• Does not interfere with normal operation of vehicle
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Indicator conversions    
Accelerator conversion
• Driver with minimal use of left or right arm or hand
• Allows user to operate indicator easily
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Pedal extensions
Pedal extensions
• Extension to pedal allows shorter persons, dwarfs and/or midget drivers to operate
  manual or automatic vehicle with their feet
• Can be installed in manual and automatic vehicles
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Automatic gear lever lock conversions
Automatic gear lever lock conversion
• For quadruplegics with limited hand function to operate gear lever
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Steering wheel spinners
Steering wheel spinners
• Fitted to steering wheel should driver have difficulty in turning the wheel
• Easy to fit to steering wheel in best position for driver
• Standard knob or quick release spinner: to steer using one hand only
• U-spinner: custom made for driver with limited hand function
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Width • 20cm
Extended length • 2.1 meter
Retractable length • 0.95m
Weight • 16kg per set
Weight capacity • 120 kg
Other • Portable, telescopic ramps
• Made from aluminum
• Non-slip tract
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UNWIN safety systems
UNWIN safety systems
Chairman Industries are suppliers of UNWIN Passenger Restraint systems, dynamically engineered and crash tested to International standards.

• Combined Quattro solo with double inertia reel
• Solo system
• Static front straps
• Low profile or surface alloy tracking
• Aluminium anti-rattle lockable seat fixtures
• Link to for more information
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